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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Very official opening

Hello everyone. Mike and I enjoyed Private view yesterday evening. It was quite different from PV of our MA show. Guests included a lady from British council and speech was made by Dean of faculty. I had never seen him before! Atmosphere was gravitas. Naiza's work displayed beautifully. The space looked even better with people. The balance of space shifts.

Cloud (sold)

So you wonder in such atmosphere, what did we do? We had a little party! I have invited MA course friends and those on my mailing list. It is nice to see them again! Thank you so much for coming! Canterbury is a small world. I introduced a lovely couple to Mike, who recognized the husband. They had worked in the same large building at the farthest ends until recently! They also happen to be neighbours of Mike's colleague! I also introduced a sculptor to one of my local customers; they went to the same sculpting studio in the past. How lovely! I love the feeling of community. These won't happen in Tokyo.  


I had also met lovely people. Chinese mother and daughter tried to come in from the small door in the Side Room where my work is displayed before opening They are from Beijing. The daughter is starting at University of Kent where both Mike and I graduated and he has worked since. My mother and I were like them 23 years ago. It's a long time ago, still I have vivid memory. We had a long chat and they seemed to have had a great time. I imagine they remember the little room with strange masks and chickens made by a Japanese woman when the daughter becomes my age.  I will certainly remember them for a long time. I hope that Sidney Cooper and we gave them, especially mother, good impression of Canterbury and England so that she goes back to Beijing with less worry.

There was also a very nice lady who told me that she knows someone in Hertfordshire who would love my masks. How lovely! I gave my business cards so that she could tell the person to check my blog. These encounters gave me so much pleasure.

We have tried to take more photos with Mike's wide angle camera, but as it was getting darker. The quality is not as good as we wished. Still you can see how she was set. She looks like this on the plinth.

Cloud on plinth
Cloud was one of my new works for the show. I am thinking to make more Cloud for the next. The cumulus clouds I saw last month gave me so much inspiration.

This shot is from inside. It is a small old room with lots of characters. There are old beams on the ceiling and old fire place with chimney breast on the wall.

Inside Side room
Outside view. Now you can see why people tried to get in from this blue door!

Side room
Last but not least. The mask I posted on Monday has arrived yesterday to the Netherlands on Wednesday! So quick! I have received a lovely photo last night! Thank you so much!

In the new home in the Netherlands



  1. cloud is beautiful, congrats on a super show, the gallery space looks very inviting, wish I could have been there

    1. Thank you, Linda. This used to be the house of painter Sidney Cooper. I wish you could come! : )

  2. *_* Wouaahh! I'm very happy to know that you're doing an exposition at Canterbury!!
    I hope you will sold lot of yours creations in this exposition!!!
    Lot of sweets dark kisses from France,

    1. Thank you! It has happened quickly. I started making new work for the part 2.: )

  3. Wonderful Midori !
    So happy for you that all your dedication to your work and art is really bringing things together for you in such wonderful ways . Cloud is so lovely and ethereal , has a very light ,yet contemplating and thoughtful feel ~ beautiful .

    1. Thank you, Willow. I am very pleased with the exhibition. Mike was peeking just now, and he said 'Ethereal! That's what I said!' : ) He sounded very happy! : )

  4. I'm so glad to read that the opening went so well, it's lovely that you made the guests feel so welcome. Your ceramic sculptures look wonderul in a gallery setting. Wish you all the best for part 2 as well, can't wait to see what you will create! :)

    1. Thank you, Mark! I am so lucky! I have started creating again. It makes me feel so good to be back to normal! : )