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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Little ones went to bisque-firing

Hello! First, if you are in the US and you would like to get Christmas deliveries, please place orders by the 11th, tomorrow. I will send all orders on the 12th to the US 

The little ones were glaze-fired today. I hope they come out fine tomorrow. Please Santa, keep them safe! There are lots of Christmas presents in it. I can't bear it if anything goes wrong!

I have three Tapirs this time. They were already spoken for. As they caused a bit of stir on Twitter, I have made a Tapir waiting list for 2015! If you would like to be on it, please let me know. : )  

Here is the Mother Tapir.

 She and two babies!

Lower shelf has bronze-gold glaze. I can't take any orders for bronze-gold glaze any longer, as it is running out, and sadly I was not able to make same one. 

Top shelf has rabbits, lambs, anteaters, a pig and a tapir.

Little anteater is hiding here! 

Top shelf is a bit crowded! 

My fingers are crossed for their safe firing! I will see tomorrow. I feel a bit nervous, I must say.

Mike caught a beautiful sunset. The Nature is amazing! Keep warm, everyone!


  1. I can't wait to see how the tapirs come out! I love seeing your kiln all loaded up and ready to go, one of my new year's resolutions is going to be to use my kiln again. In the meantime, I enjoy watching what comes out of yours x

    1. Mother Tapir came out nicely. I have just loaded the babies! Their markings were much more difficult to paint than I imagined. I hope they will come out sweet! I look forward to seeing your creatures coming out of the kiln! : )