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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tapir experiments

I can't believe that tomorrow is the end of the year! I thought I could do this and that before new year, but 10 days have flown past! Since I went back to the studio on the 26th, I have been nicely busy. There are several things I would like to finish before starting new works.

Tapir protoype
I have been working on a tapir. I made prototype and dismantled him to see how I would be able to make him in the most efficient way. If you remember, I made three tapirs, but it took me very long time to make them. There are ten people on Tapir waiting list. I have to find the way that I would be able to make tapirs more efficiently. So I would be able to offer a tapir at the affordable price, but also I don't have to work without wages for hours.

I had dismantle him, and tried a few things. I had already recycled legs, ears and tail. But it was hard to recycle the body! I hollowed him out and made a baby tapir with new parts!

After cutting up and all experiments, he shrunk a bit! But here is a tapir baby with gangling legs! :D

New born baby




  1. He is lovely. I think tapirs are rather special and am impressed with how you worked the clay. Being rubbish at ceramics, I am in awe of what you do.

    1. Hi Charlotte. I agree! Tapirs are special! : ) Thank you!

  2. Tapirs are amazing! One of my absolute favorite animals. And I'm so glad you're making them, because you hardly ever see them anywhere. (I had them in my shop too, although I think the listing expired by now…) So I hope you're finding a good quicker technique. Quick or slow though, they look beautiful!

    1. They are wonderful animals, aren't they? I am still doing experiments and thinking. Thank you! :)