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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pockets are full of happiness!

I have received a couple of messages about the arrivals of an anteater and tapirs. I can tell that they will be truly loved! I am so happy!

This morning, I have posted Carrot and Strawberry to a lovely ceramic artist. They will be Christmas gifts for young ladies. How lovely!

Carrot and Strawberry - sold
I have also made their friends, a piglet and lambs! They will be in my shop later this month. These little colourful girls (yes, they are girls.) make me smile anytime I see them. : ) I'm ambitious to make more friends! : )

Lamb with her toy duck, Piggie with her toy black cat, and lamb with her toy rabbit. 
As a lady requested on FB a group photo, here is one! If you would like a particular one, please send me a message. I will hold her for you before hitting the shop window. : )




  1. These are so very adorable Midori ~
    I adore them of course !

    1. They are the brightest part of our house! :D