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Monday, 15 December 2014

Tapirs and Anteaters have left the building

What a relief! The firing went well. Thank you so much for those who have crossed fingers for me and lovely people whose presents are in the kiln! I was mumbling 'Please Santa, help me to give them lovely Christmas!' Thank you, Santa!

Tapir mum and babies

'Mummy, I'm hungry!' 

'What are going to do today, Mummy?' ' Something fun!' 

'Listen, we are going to swim in the river today!'

Anteaters are gathering. They are going to do a meeting! 

This crevice looks a good place to explore... There might be ants in it! :D 

We are going to new lovely homes. But don't forget that we are honourable Great anteaters! 

The pale anteater is my mascot. I made him from a different clay. I will need my mascot tapir, too.

I have posted six packets today, and will do two more tomorrow.  When I took the packets to post office, the lady there turned back and picked up a white thing and gave it to me. It was a Christmas card from the staff! How lovely! As I go there so often, they have got to know me well. 

Life is filled with nice surprises! 

A little polar bear on the rock


  1. Hi Midori.
    Your little animals are so cute, j'adooore :)
    Ladys from post office are very charming.
    Wish you nice surprises every day !

  2. Thank you, Ilona. They make me smile! : )
    Yes, they are lovely people! Thank you! Same to you!