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Friday, 26 December 2014

Our Christmas and Boxing day

Hello! I hope you had good Christmas. We have been watching lots of children's films on TV. (And I cry!) On the eve, I was peeking at the sky, just in case Santa was passing through. Mike was, of course, asleep. In Japan, there are no houses with chimneys. I used to worry how Santa could get into our house. Mother said he would come anyway.

This year I made a wishing list on Etsy and named 'Mike'. I had kept showing what I would like to Mike, but he didn't get any hint. Even after I showed him the list named 'Mike' I could see he was not sure, so I explained. 'I made the list as my wish list.'

The textile art is by Jane Horton, Bath based artist. I found her Etsy shop earlier this year. It is machine stitched. I like the style very much. I like the faces she stitches. They look a bit medieval; simple but spiritual. We will get a frame for it.

He also got me a little glass penguin. The other day, we happened to find the little glass studio in Canterbury. There were a group of cute penguins. When Mike returned to get a few, this was the last one. He is going to get a few more for me when they have more. Penguins need to live in a colony.

Two dried roses were sent by one of my best friends in Japan. I was surprised that they arrived intact. The secret was that they have magnetic at the bottoms and they were stuck to little steel strips inside the acrylic boxes. She also sent me green tea and snacks. How lovely!


I was going to order other things on 'Mike' list for him to give me until one day I went to a dentist and got estimated bill of £300 for simple filling. That blew me away. But I have recovered from the shock. I will place a few orders before New Year's day, anyway.

On the Christmas day, We had Mike's brother, Tony, with us for Christmas lunch. He had been looking after our animal family while we were away when we attended art fairs. He is kind to all our family.

Topaz usually barks at any guests and visitors. She is nervous. So we usually put her in the car in the garage during warmer months or in my office upstairs during winter when we have visitors. So when she started barking at him, we were not surprised. But eventually they settled on the sofa together. Look at this! We were shocked!  She had never done this to anybody else but us.

Topaz found her daemon! 

Our tree looks best in dark. :D

On the Boxing day, we wanted to have a relaxing dog walk. But they were keen and sure that there was a cat somewhere! 

Christmas coloured coats - but they wear them all year around! 

I was going to do more tidy up in my office/packing room, but didn't.

A box room on the boxing day! 

Instead, I played with these two! North Pole meets South Pole! 

Polar bear is now in my shop. 

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