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Friday, 19 December 2014

Shipping week!

Hello! Is your preparation for Christmas going well? I have been down for last 3 days with headache. As soon as most shipping were done, I got bugs. Typical! It wasn't too bad, but I had to lie down. So I took this as opportunity to read; His Dark Materials by Pullman. My first book of this year! I have just finished Northern lights It is gripping and I enjoyed travelling another world with Lyra and Iorek, my favourite character in it. The headache has finally subsided. I will be back to action tomorrow. 

The little Lamb with a toy rabbit in the pocket went to a wonderful lady in London. She told me there was already space under the Christmas tree for the lamb! How lovely! She would be truly loved.

This week the last crackle glaze whippet and the last chameleon went to their new loving homes. Next summer I will make a few smaller goofy chameleons again!
Chameleon - sold

Largest whippet - sold

Cuteness 100% lamb - sold
I usually pack my work in double box or double box effect with infill. I shake the boxes to check if inside moves. If it does, more packing would needed. If not, I will take them to reliable Royal Mail! And from there, they will travel all over the world. Amazing!


  1. Wow, that chameleon is awesome! Looks so good with the glaze!

    Also, I'm reading Northern Lights too:) Did you continue on with the rest of the series?

    1. Yes, I finished the trilogy yesterday. Tempted to read his other books, but will not do so until next Christmas! It is too hard to stop and I can't concentrate on my work! :D Enjoy the story! : )