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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Carpet of autumn leaves and loyal pooch, Topaz.

Hello everyone.We had a glimpse of sunshine today. It made such a difference. I took dogs for longer walks, enjoyed autumn colours, and felt happier. Topaz, my loyal pooch, accompanied to the post office. We had an important mission to post a ceramic to a lady. She seemed to know that there was 'work'. She led me to post office. We crossed the green to take a short cut as usual, and I soon regretted. Grass was soggy, and it  made my shoes wet. Topaz seemed happy to walk on soft grass. There are lots of smells on the damp ground. Her nose was on the ground tracking one scent to another.   

Autumn in Canterbury
 On the way back, we walked on pavement. Then I found this autumn carpet. How lovely is that!

Carpet of autumn leaves
Topaz on autumn carpet

Canterbury has lots of old houses. As old as 16th century or some even older. I enjoy Looking at them. I like old bricks and roof tiles. Their irregularities have warmth. This old garden wall has interesting pattern.

But when the house was refurbished, the pattern was not restored on the house wall. What a shame!

Refurbished wall lost X marks. 
 When we came home, Mike was already back for lunch. Topaz was nicely tired after a long walk. Pearl was anxious waiting for us.

We are back!

Ah, tired!

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