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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Memory and a drawing of Canterbury

Hello everyone. I have been to a peer critique this evening. It was fun to see what other students create. This evening Tony, photography student, and Simon, painting student, did presentations. Strangely, I didn't usually like landscapes, but Simon's landscapes of Kent were moving. He said he painted some of them from his memory. One of them was a pier, which doesn't exist any more. The pier was surrounded a storm, and sky and sea were indigo blue and scarlet. He told us that as a child he tried to swim to the pier. I do work from memory and pseudo memory; memory is a very important part of my life.

Last Saturday we had a workshop. We had to create something new or something we have not done before. One of the students, Imran Khan, was behind me. When I stood up to get more water for my clay, I saw him drawing zigzag quickly.  I felt the movement was so fast, definitive and beautiful. It was like performance art.  It reminds me of Japanese calligraphy. What he drew was this.
Imran Khan's drawing
The zigzag I saw was on top left. In the middle of it, you can see Canterbury cathedral. There are swans next to it. I like it.

I just started reading Art & Illusion by E.H Gombrich. I had to return it by Saturday. I am not sure if I could finish it, but I must try.

It was a long day for me. Good night, everyone.  

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