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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Requiem for the beautiful fox

Hello everyone. I hope you are well and chirpy. Mike is running fever and he is already in a bed. My fever comes in waves.

Last night at one time I couldn't stop coughing. Suddenly I thought the eyes of the monkey should be close together. So that's what I did when I woke up before a breakfast. I feel he looks right now.

Between waves of fever, I tried to make something when I felt better. I sat on a hot water bottle and wore four layers of clothes. When I am feverish, I usually have strange dreams. Today I realised that when I am feverish, I make a strange thing. It was something I have never made. Mike saw it and said it reminds him of something from SF. I don't think I will keep it.

Last Friday just before I went to a class, I saw three students suddenly stopped and looked down into a bush along the footpath close to a main road. A girl looked back at me, as if she wanted to say something. I was taking Pearl for a quick walk. When we passed the point, I found a large dead fox. She was so beautiful. I couldn't see any injuries. I know if I looked at her longer, I would be overwhelmed by sadness, so I left. This beautiful fox ended her life just here. Thinking about it wells my eyes. We used to see a fox coming to the street twice or three times a week. One night, it was making terrible calls, and kept looking back to the green near us. On the day earlier, we saw a dead small fox apparently killed at traffic accident. I wondered this fox was calling her dead cub. We haven't seen a fox recently. The dead one could be the one used to be around here. I just want to pray for her rest in peace.  

How tough wild animals' lives must be! When we lose these beautiful animals once commonly seen, our world is getting closer to the end.  

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