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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The answer was in the box

Hello everyone. Mike took a sick leave, and I also sent apologies to the class meeting. Poor Mike had high fever and he had slept during day despite incessant Fifi, the Patagonian conure's screeches. I felt better than yesterday, still not able to think or to read anything.  A sentence looked to me a line of meaningless characters.

I suffered from a tight head, but when I felt a bit better, I continued with the wall mask I started yesterday. I wanted to finish it while I was unwell. I was curious what I would make when I am ill.

The wall mask I made when I was unwell.
First this head had rabbit ears. But the head rejected them. So I cut them off from the head. Then it had dog's ears. They didn't work neither. So, I tried to put a pair of horns. He rejected them again. In the end. he wanted to have human's ears. Ask and it is given. He was given a pair of Mike's. He looked contented. I was wondering why I made this head, which reminds me of Matt Lucas, with Mike's ears. It was puzzling me until I went upstairs and opened the polystyrene box which contains all things to be taken to be bisque-fired.

Ah! I picked the monkey's head and held next to the head. I instantly knew that both were a pair. I discovered that I made the head to be a partner of the monkey. It was my 'DoGoo' moment, if I can use the word like that.

An Item 


  1. "I was curious what I would make when I am ill." I think that is such a beautiful and surprising idea. What did you learn?

  2. Hello Sofie. I don't know if I have learnt from it, but it has satisfied my curiosity. Just like my dreams when I am running fever, my creation becomes strange when I am unwell. Subconsciousness? Perhaps. I would try an experiment again. But for now, I like to get better soon! : )