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Friday, 19 October 2012

Goat mask and winter berries

Hello everyone. I was finally back to work this morning. I did everything a bit slow, I must admit, still I call it progress. Mike was still not well, but he went to the office and did some work in the morning. He had worked from home in the afternoon. This reminded me of the fact that I run fever more often, and take longer to recover than other people. I am jealous of  healthy people. I have friends who seldom have any health problems even though they lead less healthy lives that I do. Ugh, I sigh. It must be to do with genetics. None of my mother's side are robust.

This afternoon was supposed to be my ceramic studio time. I have stayed at home, and made this, instead.

My goat wall mask

I like it. Some time ago, I made a little goat mask as a sample. I had to refire it several times to get its colours right on that. But I finally got it right. So, with that experience, I hope I will make the glaze of this mask right within three firings!

Hawthorn berries
I am reading ' The hare with amber eyes.' again. I had forgot about e-book that I borrowed for a while, now I have one day to finish it. I only got through half so far. There are so many small details, which seem to be unnecessary to the Netsuke, which is his main subject, but they may become relevant as I read more. Interestingly, the character of the author, his book and the ceramic work he makes are very similar. All of them focus on too much detail, in my view. But if details lead to the big picture, that would be fantastic. I am yet to see.

Elder berries

I took these photographs on a sunny day in early October. Once Mike and I made a ceramic winter box. Mike made a box, and I decorated it with winter plants and a robin. It looked very good at bisque stage, but it was over-fired at glaze fire. I fancy making it gain. I love making something seasonal. Something special for the moment. So before all leaves turn colours and fall, I quickly recorded their beauty.


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