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Monday, 15 October 2012

Japanese macaque mask

Hello everyone. I am from a sick bed today. It's just a cold, but still not well. Mike is also suffering from similar one although he said he got a stomach cramp as well. So I skipped my ceramic studio time. Instead I made a mask at home in the warmth.

While I was making the rabbit mask the other day, an image appeared in my head. A set of three masks of animals. I was not sure which animals I wanted to create for other two, but soon one became clear. It was a monkey. It's not just any monkey. It's a Japanese macaque, which are famous for soaking themselves in hot springs and washing sweet potatoes in sea before eating them. They are well-loved iconic animals in Japan.

Monkey who refused to be spooky
Strangely or frustratingly, I wanted to make it in a same spirit as in the rabbit's. But this monkey preferred to be cuter. Whatever I did he didn't become spooky. I gave in. His will was stronger than mine. I am wondering which animal is the third one. I know suddenly Ah-ha! moment comes. I am waiting for it.

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