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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fine art and our depressed chicken.

Hello everyone. Earlier this week I wen to see my dentist for a check-up, and I will have to go back treatment next week (How disappointing!). He insisted that I should see my GP for the condition he noticed then. So today I went to see my GP. Although it took a long time to get through to the receptionist to make an appointment in the morning, the actual time I saw him was short, and I didn't have to wait much neither before that. He gave me a referral to see a specialist. I used to be very scared of any medical places. My body used to become cold. I still don't like visiting them. But thankfully I don't have panic any more.
Another autumn carpet
People in the Fine art department are interesting. I noticed that they often say 'We are doing FINE ART!' in capital letters. I have degrees in social science from both Japanese and English universities. I have never heard anybody saying 'We are doing Sociology!' or 'Anthropology!'. Psychologically, I would label this behaviour the manifest of insecurity and inferior complex. They may have a different opinion.

My last whippet that I had made late summer is sold. I still have a small pair and a tiny one I made for myself as a brush holder. I have sent three larger ones to the kiln, and they should be bisque-fired soon.

'Out of Sorts'
This evening I made something a bit different. I titled it 'Out of sorts'. It's our Pumpkin, the chicken. She went to moult, and she looks completely lost and depressed. She stopped laying. She also eats much less, and shows little interest in food. She is usually very bossy, assertive and very hungry. Over night she changes her personality. When I finished making it, I said to Mike, ' I made something I have never made this evening'. He replied  with a grin 'It's fine art!'. He has a sense of humour!      

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