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Sunday, 7 October 2012

My favourite bench in autumn sunshine

Hello everyone. I had a fun day in the studio yesterday. There were only two of us, and another student was in a different room, so I monopolised the large space and made a good progress. I made two glazes, and started on a medium sized whippet sculpture. This one is going to be much more detailed one than what I have made. In fact, I created a maquette for it last night. I also borrowed two books on the reading list from the library. I am a fast reader in Japanese, but not in English. So two books are enough for me to handle right now. I started 'The Hare with Amber eyes' a week ago. My plan is to finish the Hare, then tackle the other two.

Talking about reading, I used to be an avid reader until I got married. I used to read two different books; one for commuting, and another for bed time. Since I came to Canterbury, commuting time disappeared  So that's gone. Mike goes to a bed very early. He likes to sleep about 10. So I lost the other reading time, too.

This morning, we had a beautiful willow warbler in the garden. Willow warblers are similar to chiffchaffs, but they have yellow belly, whereas chiffchaffs are white. What a delight he was! He caught a large flying insect, seemingly a Daddy long leg, above our garden patch, which was netted all over. He was trying to manoeuvre the wings of the insect, but in the middle of the action, he dropped it through the net to the vegetable plot! He cocked his head and looked at it throught the net for several seconds. Then hopped about 10cm, and again looked at it. But soon he gave up and started searching for another insect. This time of the year, wild birds are coming back to the garden. What a joy they will bring to our small garden!    

This afternoon, we went to town for errands. It was a lovely day. Roads was quiet (What a contrast to yesterday!), and the High street was also quiet, but not deserted. I went to an optician to get my glasses fixed. There was no waiting, it was done instantly. I bought my 'school kits' at a stationer; this was quick too. We bough some favourite snacks here and there. In one hour, all were done.

We parked the car near Dane John park. Autumn sunshine was soft and warm. There are very nice benches in the park.  

The bench in Dane John park 
The trees alongside the footpath were so beautiful. It is a lovely place anytime, but it looked more so this afternoon.

Park has a path

We met this little dog on the High street. He is a Pomeranian cross. The sight of happy dogs always give me pleasure. I think I naturally smile when I see happy animals.    

Seen on the High street.


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