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Monday, 4 November 2013

A delivery to London and Wallace collection

Hello everyone. Since Friday I have been a bit busy again. I have been mainly packing and posting my works. Saturday morning, after I posted a rabbit bowl to a lovely lady in London, I went to London to deliver a box full of rabbits and whippets to the Cecilia Coleman gallery in St John's Woods High Street. There will be an animal themed exhibition from the 6th November until the end of January. My three large rabbits, three little rabbits and two large whippets will be part of it. So please visit the gallery if you are in the area.

It felt a bit too heavy to carry it around. 
As the box seemed to me to be too much to carry by tube; I took a bus from St Pancras station. It was rather a long journey, but it was much easier than changing tubes at Green park, and also I like seeing the scenery from the bus window; as I am not familiar with its route. I had to wait for about 15-20 minutes for the bus to come. It was about 20-30 minutes ride. I was sitting comfortably, but it was a bit chilly. I didn't imagine that inside the bus would be chilly.

No bag was big enough for the box, so I wrapped it in traditional Japanese Furoshiki. Super convenient! 

Nonetheless, I enjoyed observing all different lives in different parts of London. There was a bit sad area, then neat places, middle class area, apparently wealthy street, and then energetic corner.  I studied Sociology for my BA degree in Tokyo. So observing the society is one of my favourite things to do. And it cost me only £1.40! Lots of things are cheaper in London than Canterbury.  

Oxford street
When I suddenly realised that the next stop was mine, the rain was quite steady, and I had to find some place to shelter. I popped into a cafe and had a cup of Earl grey. Next to me, there was an Imperial college business school student working hard with lots of paper strewn over the table. The rain stopped after about 15 minutes. 

Water pipes reminded me of my stay in Turkey,

The St John's Wood had a sort of familiar feel to me. It looked similar to a part of Canterbury High street with similar looking people shopping and enjoying their drinks in cafes. One thing different was there were not so many elderly people there. High percentage of permanent residents in Canterbury are the elderly.  

Lovely plants - so neat

After delivery I went to the Wallace collection. The last visit was a long time ago. So I enjoyed it as if I had visited it for the first time.  

Near Bond street

Near Bond street
 After about 10 minutes walk, I arrived at the Wallace collection

It is a mansion. There is beautiful furniture, armours and paintings. I especially love French paintings; Watteau, Boucher and Fragonard. Not only did I admire their beauty, but also I examined how they expressed lights and used shadow to enhance the light. Magical!

 Chandeliers are everywhere. Some are original and others are not. I had a couple of shots. 

This is holding chandelier in the entrance hall 
 When I came out, it was getting dark. I never saw any of the male nudes promoted on this flag!

Wallace collection
I took the tube to St Pancras. Guess what I found! So pleased with this. I buy loose Keemun tea from their main shop, but how convenient it would be if I could pick it up here in near future.

Of course, I bought four almond croissants and one brioche from Le pain Quotidient. They were too hot to be held; they had just come from the oven. So a nice shop assistant put them in a box. 

Mike picked me up at the station, and dinner was ready. Dogs were very happy to see me again. What else do I want? : )


  1. those chandeliers are inspiring

    1. They were only things bright enough for me to take photos on that grey day! : )