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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Preview for Calm, Clouds exhibition part 2

How nice to feel free again! Hello everyone. Mike and I have finished setting up the show this afternoon. We had mini celebration with wine today. I will be out of 'artist' mode for a couple of days, and catch up with all of the other work that has piled up. This means I will come out from the dreamy state, and become realistic and alert. I would live in a different personality. I do enjoy two lives. It feels to me I live twice!

My next show, Calm, Clouds part 2, will open on Friday, 22 November in the Side Room at Sidney Cooper gallery in Canterbury. PV will be on Thursday, 21 November 6-8 pm. I invite you all!

I am showing all new works not shown before. I have created all, except for two, in the last two months. As usual, my creation comes from my daily observation in person, on twitter, by email and so on. It is very different from the previous exhibition, Storm.

Here is the a sneak preview of the show.

I will also share a few photos of my show in the making. I have been firing work up to the final hour again! Firings were more of a challenge than before because I have only been able to use our small kiln this time. There was no more luxury of four kilns firing at the same time! Our kiln is also small, so when I fire tall sculptures, I can only use one shelf. This is one thing to consider for the future.

Going to bisque-firing


Second glaze-firing

Hazel and Tina at Sidney Cooper gallery are so helpful and friendly. We are so lucky to be able to work with them. They make us happy!

We also had a peek at Chain Reaction setting up in the main gallery. It looks such fun! I felt I became a child again to discover wonderland. Six artists show their completely different types of works related to science. Do visit Sidney Cooper gallery. The shows will continue until the 22nd December.  



  1. These faces are superb. Can't wait for see them finished.

    Bravo for your next show. I would love to see your works ... pity that Canterbury is so far from Bordeaux ! Best wishes to you :)

    1. Thank you so much, Ilona. I will put more pictures soon. : )