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Thursday, 7 November 2013

A terrific week so far and it is getting even better!

Hello everyone. I have had a terrific week so far. First, I am thrilled to share this news with you. 'Origin of transformation', one of my masks in current Clouds exhibition - part1 was purchased by a director of the British Council. Hooray! Two directors came to see Naiza Khan exhibition in the main room earlier this week, and apparently saw mine, too. The gallery told me both loved my works. That already made me happy. Origin of transformation is about Gandhara. The director is in charge of the area. It is a very beautiful mask. Both Mike and I love it. I hung it at the entrance of the room, but I was a bit concerned lighting is not ideal. But now I am convinced that it was there to be picked by a right person. I always feel my work chooses its person. I think they are a perfect match! Thank you so much! Here is my short story about the mask.

Origin of transformation - Sold

I have been busy and productive lately. I am trying not to do multi tasking, but do one task at a time. It has worked well for me.

You might want to peek what's going on in my little studio. A few of them have been already glaze-fired for the second time. More to go! The iron oxides and glazes get burnt each time, so it requires a subtle balance of adding and subtracting of colours. This process is not good for the faint-hearted as you can't have control.

Her head was finished. Now I am tackling the body.

Head is done.

Blue Bird
These are done. The wings don't belong to her, but she looks beautiful like this!

I have also started on bisque-fired figures. She reminds me of a gargoyle although she looks sweet. I am experimenting finishing on her body.

In progress
Mike has nagged me that I should finish this little fellow! He will be fired next time if there is space in the kiln. He is a funny guy. While I was making all masks, he just appeared like a jester!

Mike found him in a box and insisted that he should be finished.

P.S. While I was typing this, another good news has just arrived! La-lalala! I will tell you next time!


  1. Superb ! I'm glad for you Midori.
    I agree with Mike: this little guy with coma on his head is very cute ^^

    I also looked at this blog, "Just C", who rote on your exhibition. Bravo! Congratulations again :)

    1. Thank you, Ilona. It has been my lucky week. : ) Yes, You and Mike are right. I will bring him to life. ; )

  2. Hi, Midori, I'm not at all surprised your Origin of transformation piece has sold, it is really beautiful and captivating. Congratulations on all your successes, keep up the good work! :)

    1. Hi Mark. Thank you. I liked it very much. It is so beautiful. I really feel it was waiting for a right person. Thank you! I have been very lucky! : )