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Monday, 11 November 2013

My work is featured!

Hello everyone. I hope you had a good weekend. I had worked like mad except for when Mike and I went to Sidney Cooper gallery for a take down on Saturday evening, and meal time. It's a bit insane! But a good thing is that I am not stressed, yet.

There are a couple of news today. First I am featured in a really cool blog by lovely Cindy Vriend (twitter@cindyvriend). She is a graphic designer and illustrator. Cindy's website is so beautifully designed. There are lots of beautiful photographs and interesting articles, especially, to me, on artists. I became a fan! You can read the article on my work here. It looks great, and I am so happy! Thank you so much, Cindy!

Another news is that I have donated two of my little whippets tor Galgos Del Sol charity auction with help from wonderful Tanya, whippet mum and a dog lover. She donated one of my whippets in the previous auction, and raised more than 30 euros. So it is my turn to do something! The charity rescues sighthounds abused and/or abandoned in Spain and rehomes them. Pale beige whippet is here. Ivory one is here. Please have a look.

We have fired a lot of works recently. Although I haven't taken photos of them yet, Mike took some this weekend. These are porcelain bowls. Mike threw them on a potter's wheel, and I decorated them in the style of Japanese calligraphy. They are beautiful.

Porcelain bowl 1

Porcelain bowl 2

Porcelain bowl 2 - different side
 I have been busy making last a few sculptures going to plinths for the upcoming show.

A girl's head

Cats' bodies

And they went to bisque firing tonight. Firing will finish tomorrow morning.

Bisque firing
That's it tonight. Good night, everyone!


  1. Hi Midori ,
    Came by yesterday and got lost venturing off to see your wares on the other site , forgot to comment.
    How lovely that Cindy Vriend featured you and what a very nice job she did of showing off your art !
    You are doing such a marvelous job with the creative work you do ,
    so wonderful that you are getting such lovely accolades.

    1. Hi Willow. Thank you so much! Yes, Cindy's website is fab! I should be redoing my blog once I get some time over Christmas holiday. A bit hectic right now. : )

  2. Hi Midori !
    thank you so much for sharing Cindy's website. Very nice ! And article about you is soooo good :) I'm smiling right now :D

    1. Hi Ilona. Yes, her site looks so cool! I had better work on mine! Thank you! : )