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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Queen of rabbits

Hello everyone. Our kiln is busy. It doesn't have a chance to cool down this week. Mike finally took some photos of Out of sorts- Blues.

Out of sorts - blues

She looks a bit needy! : D

Take me, take me, take me home! 
I am so pleased with how she looks!

Last Tuesday Mike went to a meeting in the Tower of London. He came back with lots of goodies given by the company holding the meeting. The lady and the gentleman in frock were not part of the meeting!

The Tower of London

He also bought four organic almond croissants that I love on the way home.

Midori 3, Mike 1 :-)

 Then I started the another glaze firing after 10 that night.

12/Nov- Glaze firing.

And I made this mask last night. I was not sure of the gender, but a lady on Twitter said a girlish boy. I guess that's who he is. he reminds me of Peter Pan

And today is my birthday. Mike gave me a bunny card and a box of champagne truffles, another of my favourites when I woke up!  

From left: pretty cards from brother-in-law, Mimi and Mike. Thank you! 
 Then I opened the card, I learned that I am the queen of rabbits. :D Hopping with happiness!

With all this going on, Pearl the whippet asks, 'Where is the cake and bone (for me)?'

Pearl wants to share birthday treats! 
 Business as usual in the studio. They went to glaze-firing at noon. Birthday celebration meal will be after we have set up for the next show.


  1. Happy Birthday! Good luck with the show.
    Pearl's ears are BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thank you, Celia! You crack me up with Pearl's ears! They are huge! She stares at us with eyes and those ears! :D

  2. Oh Happy Birthday !
    Love Out of Sorts's sight, love Peter's Pan's hair, love Pearl's nose, eyes and ears :D
    Have a nice day..

    1. Thank you, Ilona! I had worked solid until late, but with champagne truffles and little happy dance! : )

  3. Lovely to see that your tribe members are moving out into the world and finding new homes. From a historical viewpoint,going to a meeting at the Tower of London is not what it used to be!!

    Belated birthday greetings Midori,,,,,,,,wishing you a happy and successful year ahead.

    1. Hi Ruby. Thank yous! I didn't know that there was conference facility in Tower of London! Mike was given a free ticket, but he didn't have time! What a shame! Thank you so much! : )

  4. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Midori, and all the best for the next exhibition! Very difficult to refuse dogs treats when they look at you imploringly with those big eyes. :)

    1. Thank you, Mark! : ) Mike says to Pearl, 'Take my credit cards and wallet' when she stares at him! : D