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Thursday, 19 January 2012

A bad day at office and happiness at the end of the day.

I couldn't sleep well last night again. Three nights without good sleep. So I intended to cut my working hours short today as there would be only a few company updates. But typical of such a day, I found the share price of one of the companies I have wanted to add, started going down. I opened up trade, quote and trading account page to check the movement of the price.

Indoor aviary for sale
I transferred money from a couple of saving accounts into a current account, and paid the fund into my trading account. Then telephone rang. It was from an elderly lady who wanted to know how much the delivery cost would be for the indoor aviary we were selling, to Brighton. I had no idea, because we expected somebody local come to collect it. I told her this, but I also said that it is large, so it could cost a lot. Understandably she didn't want it then.

I went back to my account. I saw a confirmation email of paying was in my inbox. So I went to my trading account to buy the stock. AH-OH. There was no fund available. Usually the fund will be available immediately. I tried several times, and found nothing. I went down to make tea, to give the system time to work through, and tried again. Nothing. I started writing email to enquire about my missing fund. When I finished writing, the fund suddenly appeared.

Quickly, I checked the streaming, and it was getting lower still. After some wait, it reached the price I was happy with. I accepted the offer. Happiness lasted for a very short time. I saw the execution notice. I did a fat finger!!! Instead of 161 shares, I bought only 15 shares. AGHHHHHHH.

While I was AGHHHH, I tweaked my neck, and it clicked. Something was trapped somewhere in my neck. Insult to injury. How appropriate an expression this is! AND that was the lowest price of the day, well actually the lowest since last August. It went up afterwards.

Tears? No. I can't even have tears... mine were dried up.

This is the second fat finger I have done in whole 6 years of my investing. The first one was in Lehman Brothers aftermath, and I was under stress with other things. At that time, I had skipped some nights' sleep. Luckily there were not serious financial damages done in neither occasions. Just very SILLY...

I draw a conclusion. I shouldn't trade at all when I was deprived of sleep.


Just when I was going to sleep, I had checked my email right now. I found a notice from Etsy, my online shop. I had the first customer. I am very delighted indeed. Good night!       

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