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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My new face cup

Hello everyone! There is new development in my life. It is moving very fast. So I am preoccupied with it since early this month. But, to relax a bit, I decorated the coffee cup Mike threw late last year. His intention was he would have decided how to decorate and done it over the holiday, and would have taken to class for firing on Monday, but decoration is not his strength, and of course he had this stubborn cold. So this cup remained blank until the weekend. So, I took over it, and painted like this!

Face cup
Side view
I love it! I haven't decided what to do with its handle part yet. Hair? Ear? Solid colour?

The Monday was the first day for ceramics course in this term. Louise who started last term, is our tutor. She was busy teaching pinching and coiling new comers. I had a chat with Bev and Helen; both are so friendly and good throwers. I am excited to be in the class again.  

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