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Monday, 16 January 2012

Ceramics course

Hello. It was our ceramics day today. I collected bisque fired works. These are three of them. I will decorate them in the evenings this week.

Everyone was there. Bev showed me her porcelain buttons, holly and flower shapes. She cut them out with cookie cutters. They were splashed with chromium and cobalt oxide. Clair had a hard week last week and kept telling me that she was sleepy. I hope she drove back safely.

They are ready to be decorated.
I also glazed the face cup. The clear glaze I wanted to use was rock solid and a mixer can't reach its solid bottom, so I used another one. I hope it goes well. I prepared four glaze tests. Mike also glazed his mug the handle I made, and made two glaze samples.

I cut my finger at glaze room, so I couldn't do anyhthing with clay after that.

According to papers, today is the most depressing day because Christmas finished, it is still cold and dark, and bills from Christmas shopping spree land at the doorsteps. Today I felt a bit tired after the busy weekend, but I have recharged myself while I was glazing pots. To me, doing something really helps to forget gloomy feeling.

Good night!

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