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Friday, 20 January 2012


Imagination? (Canterbury)
Phew, finally a weekend came. Today I finished my work in mid morning. It was a quiet day in the market. Mike took an afternoon off. We went to the post office, a bank and a super in a big hurry at a lunch time. I posted my sale item to USA. I hope it will arrive safely in one piece. I have never experienced any damages in post, despite I have sent a dozen pieces of ceramics overseas in the past. I pack really well. Still, it can be a worrying until it gets there.
Imagination! (Reculver)

I start imagining what if somebody treads on it....! From childhood, my imagination has been strong. Once I start thinking, I start visualising a scene in detail and in motion. So I try not to worry about this type of things until it happens, because it may not happen at all.


Because of my imagination, I don't watch horror or thriller films. The monsters or killers in the film start moving on their own in my head, and they will run amok for a couple of weeks. Hmmm, difficult life, you might think. Yes and no to that.

I can entertain myself with my imagination for days on end. I giggle suddenly (because I was 'watching' somebody, say, a funny faced rabbit starts walking in a funny gait in my head), out of blue, start singing (because the rabbit finds wild flowers, sniffed them, and starts humming, so I will join him), or suddenly start talking (because he talked to me and asked questions). I usually don't imagine when people are around (luckily!). So nobody even my parents or close friends know I do this, except for Mike. I sometimes lapse in front of him. He has seemed puzzled. So one day, I asked him if he has had such experience. His reply was 'No'. I was perplexed because I thought everyone has these things moving in their heads. I became curious, so I asked other people. All replies were 'No'!?! One of them thought I was a bit nuts! I am not. Hahaha!

What do you think? (Beaper)
I am happy spending time 'there', but I can't get there whenever I want to go. I need to be in a right kind of frame of mind. If I stay there for a long time, I struggle to switch off. Over there, I meet people, animals and all others between the two categories. I bring them into this world by creating them with clay. It's fun!

Give me water!(Scooter)


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