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Sunday, 8 January 2012

My clay works during holiday

I usually get low between October and December. It is a seasonal thing, so I know it coming. Every year I try to prevent it. In some years it is successful. In other years not so. Important things for me is to keep doing something, so I won't sink into a deep cold dark bottom. This yeas was 50% success. I didn't fall into abyss, but I didn't stay float neither.   

So, over the holiday, I did some clay works. I wanted to test several types of sample clay I obtained during summer. I wanted to compare plasticity and smoothness as well as suitability for my modelling.

Porcelain white stoneware grog

Started on the 23rd of December
How about bob cut?
Finished yesterday.

I made this as a test. I have got inspiration from ladies in 1930's.

I also made Topaz. Not quite right with balance.... probably this will go back to recycling
I also threw several pots. This yunomi is for Anne. I have got an order from her before Christmas. She said she is going to drink sake in it.

On the third of January, before going back to work, Mike took decoration down whilst I was watching Narnia film, Prince Caspian. Despite I don't like this film because the story is so much changed, I still managed to cry three times....

Oh yes, we have watched lots of children's films on TV. Narnia, Ice ages, Shrek, Harry Potter etc. I am very much still child at heart, or actually I reverted to childhood after marrying wonderful Mike.

But the most interesting programme I saw on TV was Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures by Prof. Bruce Hood. He has talked on brains for three nights. I would love to read his new book, too.


  1. 今年もよろしくお願いいたします~!


  2. こちらこそですぅ。笑