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Monday, 30 January 2012

Oribe pots and Kiwi, the Red fronted Kakariki

Hello everyone!
It was a very cold day. Maximum temperature was 3-4 degree. They say it is getting colder.

Here are my two green pots. Left one is a new one, which I have collected today, and right one is last year's. I am happy with them! The glaze colour is so pretty, like a gem! Tommorow I will take better photographs of them and all the other pots that came out of a kiln, if there is any daylight to speak of.
My green Oribe pots taken at night
My name 'Midori' means phonetically 'green' in Japanese. And you guessed right, green is my most favourite colour. I have always loved this dark deep green.

The most beautiful green I have ever seen was on my beloved kakariki, Kiwi. He was a red fronted kakariki. He had shiny bright but deep green plumage. I had never tired of his beauty. We had taken lots of photographs, but the photos did no justice to his beauty. I loved him dearly, as much as I could ever love anyone on the Earth.

Meet Kiwi:  http://www.takaki1.freeserve.co.uk/kiwi.htm

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