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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Topaz ver.3 with curvy chest and apple tart.

Hi Everyone, Gotten rid of cold, and having busy working week with adrenalin rushing high, I have got lots of energy. I just can't stop doing things. I feel reborn! Well, I exaggerated a bit. Nonetheless, bouncy bouncy!

Here is the photo of another version of 'Topaz'. And this is not the latest one! You can see her tummy was tucked. So her chest line is more curvy. I created flaps at the join between hip and thighs. I also shorten muzzle as well. After this photo taken, I also changed her ears, and took photos of her, but the battery of the camera went flat. Ah-oh.

New version. 'Topaz'

I will show you her new ears tomorrow.

Close up of the head part.
Mike was busy baking (again!) This time, it is an apple tart with frangipane. The recipe of frangipane (almond cream) is from Raymond Blanc. It is very easy and delicious. If you love almond, you should try! I helped him with peeling, cutting and decorating apples.



  1. トパーズちゃんどんどん素敵に進化しますねー!

  2. トパーズはバランスが良くなってきたでしょう?首無しでもギリシャの彫像みたいなんて!思ったけれど、顔を削って作り直しました、なんか陶芸と言うより、彫刻になりつつあります。明晩は陶芸コースです。素焼きに持って行きます。