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Friday, 13 January 2012

Remake of Topaz

I had a hectic day at office yesterday. I glued myself to my trading screens for several hours. Tesco issued a profit warning and its share price fell 16%. I haven't seen such a large fall in FTSE 100 for a while. So it was a kind of a shock to the system. I made a buy on a competitor that fell together.

So, when I had a busy day at office, I usually do two things. First I drink wine at dinner although I drink wine quite often anyway. LOL Second, I do modelling; I make my DoGoo. It is the winding down process to give me a good night sleep.

After dinner, I tweaked 'Topaz', the dog. Hibiki gave me a comment saying that it would be a shame to recycle her. I knew that the head is too large for the body. So I made her neck narrower, and head smaller. So here she is. My new Topaz.

First head was severed.
New small head with thinner neck

Topaz and Pearl
Ummm, she seems to have a more curved chest in this photo. I also forgot to add flaps at the joints between hind tighs and the body. Oh well. I will correct these parts tomorrow.  

To be continued.

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