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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Still reading and some throwing

Hello everyone! I chilled out today. I spent morning reading Haruki Murakami's The winding-bird chronicle. I reached to the middle of book2. What is fascinating about this book is that everything is written in detail, yet it is so detached. I know the location and the era in this story. I was there at Tokyo in 1984. Yet, all things seem to be in a somewhere unspecific but familiar place in a dream. It seemed so ordinary daily life twined with so extraordinary characters and their unbelievable stories. Mike said I am like a drug addict, keep reading for hours on end. I don't want to stop reading.
Thrown pots

In the afternoon, we threw some pots. Mike was not in the mood...again, so I did first with ordinary white stoneware clay, which doesn't become white after firing! It becomes very light beige. Mike threw with the clay as well as porcelain white stoneware clay that I bought last year. Our test piece hasn't come yet because a kiln didn't get to the temperature. It should be bisque fired, and we should be able to run a glaze test next week.
Topaz guards while Mike throws.
A lovely friendly lady who bought my piece that I sent to California last week, informed me of its safe arrival. Phew! I felt a great relief! She is very happy with my piece. That is also very nice to hear. It is such a joy to hear from customers. I can sleep well tonight.           

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