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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

25-hours-work was broken. A big disappoinment.

Over the weekend, Mike and I have worked so hard on our ceramic works. We threw pots on the wheel, turned, and decorated bisque fired items. After finishing the most of the works planned, I started decorating a figure that I wanted to enter to a competition for amateurs in Sunday late morning. I thought it would take three hours to decorate it, and I wanted to finish to watch an England rugby match in Six Nations.

On the 22nd Feb.
After a lunch break, I continued until two o'clock. I got up my swivel chair to get more water to clean paint brush, and then BANG! The back of the swivel chair caught the figure and it was smashed onto the glass desktop. AHHHHH! The head fell and elaborate earrings were broken. I was too shocked to speak for a while. Mike heard the sound and asked in loud voice 'What's that?'. I replied to him, but he had already guessed what's happened.

24th Feb.
I couldn’t' do anything much afterwards. I didn't want to watch the match anymore. It has taken me longer than 20 hours to make the figure, and it was all gone. It was all my carelessness caused this misery.

By night, I gathered myself and decided to make something else for the competition. It is not possible to make same figure due to time restraint. I would have only one day to make. I squeezed my brain, but because of the shock, nothing came out. About nigh o'clock at night, I finally decided to make a female bust, similar to which I have made last week.

Bisque fired- I liked this bottom!
At 7:30 Monday morning, the doorbell rang. I was still in the bed, but fully awake with the dawn chorus of Fifi, the parrot next room. The scaffolding people returned to dismantle their work. Mike was turning his pot at that time, but answered the door. I heard noise over the roof.

After a breakfast, I started working like an obsessed woman. I told him that I will not check on my work today, just work through until I finish when he left for a work. When Mike came home for a lunch, he said to me later that he hadn’t thought that I would be able to finish it in time. But I did, just in time. I took the bust to the ceramic course in the evening, touched up some details, and added some more detail -I hope the new added part won't crack during drying! I have worked for about 13 hours continuously except for brisk dog walks and a short lunch break.

This morning, I woke up as usual, but felt tired. But I went back to work at 8:30 as usual. Strange enough, by the lunch time, I was recovered enough to work through the business news which I had to catch up with. Probably the part of the brain I use for ceramics is different from the part of that I use for my work, so I could rest the creative part while I use the logical part. That's my understanding, anyway. Nonetheless, my back is in pain. You see,  I use same spine for creativity and logical work!

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