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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sandwich power station demolition

Good evening, everyone! I am fully recovered and recharged. I am back to my chirpy self. Thanks to my parents to give me this indomitable energy. The weather also helped. Bright days bring me more energy.

This photo is not related to text. My dog walk gears. No wonder people avoid me! lol

One thing I wanted to tell you was that last Sunday I was woken up at nine by three large BOOMS! I knew what they were as Mile had told me that Sandwich power station is going to be demolished by explosives the night before. I thought about driving there to see it nearby, but we would have a busy day ahead with finishing ceramic works, so we decided not to go. From the top of the library in the University, you can just see it, but we can't go without a permission.

Here is the link to BBC video;

We used to go to Sandwich bay to watch wild birds. I saw cuckoos, partridges and migrants. It is an odd place dominated by three cooling towers of the power station on the back, sea in front, and a large building of Pfizer's on the right side. There was nothing else much in the area. 

I got up, and talked to Mike who just came back from the garden. ' Did you hear the sound? They must be from Sandwich demolition.' He said 'Oh! I forgot about it, and wondered what the sound were!' Oh dear, he didn't remember. 
My big ears!

We felt impact from oil storage site exploding in Hemel Hempstead in 2005. That was a long long away from us. This one was about 25km, according to Mike.   We saw the news on TV that the tickets for a balcony with vantage spot in a pub sold out. Surrounding area was, apparently, sealed off.

Next time we go there, there is no power station behind. It will seem odd to me, but, well, I will get used to it soon.


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