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Monday, 26 March 2012

Day trip to Hastings, part 4: Battle

Hello, everyone! I have a good news. Two busts those went to final firing are successful. Yeah! I can enter them to competitions. I am very excited. I am also recommended to apply for MA in ceramics. This is also exciting news to me.

So, now back to the Hastings. This is the final part.

Climbing down the hill was, of course, easier than climbing up. But not that much. Look at this! These steep steps were waiting for us!

Terrifyingly steep.
 After that, until we reached Hasting Museum and Art gallery, no photo was taken because we got lost, and found ourselevs climbing another hill; we were too exhausted to take photos. I am usually determined, but I wanted to give up when my calves started aching on the last hill. Afterwards, we found out that this museum was as high as the castle. 
Hastings Museum and Art Gallery

Handsome building
 Inside, there are a collection of almost everything, in a typical Victorian fashion. Durbar Hall was a breath-taking wooden panelled room with lots of carvings.

Stained glass on the window of the staircase
They also had a small art gallery where they exhibit old maps, and selling modern art works inspired by maps.

When we started walking back, we found this building in the new part of the town. I liked it very much. These panels are glass, and they look good.
The under building path leading to another street.

 Then I found a small nice bag shop! One for me, and one for him. We got these! Both were same price, but mine was a half price, his was 1/3 off.

Mine and his new bags
 When we finally returned to our car, we knew we should move quickly if we wanted to see Battle in daylight. Battle is the name of small town where the battle of Hastings actually took place. We knew we wouldn't be able to enter The Abbey and the battlefield, because they were not open weekdays before April.  But I wanted to have a glimpse of the battlefield.
The Abbey at Battle
  We drove about 30 minutes to Battle, and this is it. Inside the gate there is a boarding school, so cars were going in and out. It is a beautiful typical medieval building. The Abbey was built to sooth the spirits of those men who died in the battle.

Peek from the gate
 The night before, I researched the battle and configuration of both armies. I gathered this was the place, at least near the place, where about 1/3 of Anglo Saxon men in the battle were killed by the Normans. I took a photo by holding up my arm over the fence.  I wanted to walk around it, but it was getting late and dark, we gave up.  

We had a such wonderful day, and made unforgettable memory. We truly enjoyed ourselves in Hastings. people were very friendly and kind, too. We will come back again and visit where we couldn't see this time.

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