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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Panic and Cafe du Soleil

Yesterday morning, I had a small panic. Out of blue, scaffolding people came and started building, well, a scaffold around the house. ???? ! We had arranged someone coming to check the solar panels on Friday, but we weren't told anything about scaffold.

What would you do first? I quickly skyped MIke, and his reply was 'Get the car out of the garage!'. The last time we had scaffolding, they blocked both front and rear doors of the garage. The garage was inaccessible for days. Despite rain and wind, I went out with so many keys to open the garage. I couldn't open it. No keys would turn the lock. Then I went inside and tried to open from the inside. The heavy garage door didn't move. TEARS. I asked a young man to help me, but it still didn't move.
Last September

I was wet bu then, and Topaz was barking mad. I didn't know what to do. I ran up the stairs and frantically skyped Mike again at office. He replied that garage key was with the front door key!!! Aghhh, I didn't know. You see, I seldom go to the garage, or I seldom drive the car, I had no idea. The garage and car are Mike's domain. Financial affairs are my domain. We don't know anything about the other domain.

This time
I managed to unlock the garage, and got the car out to the street, and forgot to lock the car, and only noticed after I came inside. So in the rain, I went out again to lock the door of the car. The, I had to shift all clay (heavy!) stored in the downstairs bathroom just in case they need to use it. The young man definitely thought I was being funny. This man talks to his senior guy in Bee Gees Voice, incredibly high pitched voice in a tune, like 'What next do you want?' When I had to take dogs out for a short walk, he was on the top of the roof, and said to me in the Bee Gees voice, 'Hello!' I waived him, and wondering if he drank something bad too much last night. But when I asked if they would like to have cups of tea, he answered politely in ordinary voice, 'Yes, please.' and 'Thank you' afterwards.  

This panicky feeling remains until mid-afternoon, even though they finished scaffolding about the noon. I had never relaxed. I intended to take an afternoon off to  make a piece from clay, but couldn't do much.

So when Mike came home, I suggested we eat out this evening. We went to Cafe du Soleil, where Mike was taken by the suppliers for Christmas lunch. We had early dinner menu. Service was very good, and two young ladies who serves us were really friendly. Good service is a must for me to relax. Mike had duck terrine and a porchetta calzona. I had aubergine gratin and a seafood pizza. Pizzas are huge. I couldn't eat a half of the crust. We also ordered a black chocolate almond cake with vanilla ice cream to share, with two espresso. Taste is good, but not like haute cuisine. It is over the river, and atmosphere was fantastic. Most of building in Canterbury are usually old, some from medieval time. This building was also definitely old, but nicely converted, and candle lit tables looked very inviting. If you come to Canterbury, why don't you try Cafe du Soleil         

Back to home, I was too full to do any ceramic work which I wanted to do, or to update blog. We went to bed about half past nine, and fell into sleep by half past ten. I had a good night sleep until about seven this morning. The good rest did good to me as I had a busy day at office this morning!Amd I made the piece I wanted to make thi evening. I will write about it tomorrow. Good night!

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