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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Throwing, carrot cake, rugby, new rabbit mug, throwing again and ebay in this order!

Hello everyone! How are you? This morning, soon after breakfast, I threw a couple of pots. They might look like cat bowls, but they aren't. They are plinths for my figure that I made two weeks ago. I want to enter the work in a competition, and thought it would look nice on a plinth. Since the figure was sent to be bisque fired, I threw two pieces, just in case.

In the meantime, Mike was baking a carrot cake. This time with carrots in it. Haha-ha
He put some cooking oil

A bag of carrots

let's go, whisker!

I usually pinch walnuts while he bakes. So he prepared more than necessary.

Ready to go into the oven

Last night four items were sold on ebay. One of them was my little rabbit mug. So, I made a new one. Well, Mike had already made a mug with stoneware grey clay. So I carved a small rabbit and attached her onto the handle. Cute! Isn't she? This one is an ordinary size mug cup. We will glaze with our new white glaze.  I will update when it is finished.

Adult size! mug
New rabbit mug
Oh, yes! Yummy!
Disappearing fast !
We had the lovely carrot cake and tea after that. Then rugby time! We both are avid rugger fans! Our ebay this evenig went well, and we sold two more. We will sleep in happiness. Night night,

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