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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Confused Topaz, creativity overwelmed by promotion, and official spring announcement.

Always confused Topaz

Here is confused Topaz. She is always a bit confused. Yesterday we drove to a post office to send ebay parcels at lunch time. It was cold, windy and rainy. There were too many to carry on foot anyway. Today I decided to walk to the post office to send a couple of more parcels with Topaz. When I skyped Mike to let him know we wouldn't be at home at lunch time, he said he would meet up on the way.

Holding parcels and gloves, when I was closing the gate, Topaz ran off. She wore a green coat, and pink lead attached to her collar. When I saw her running away, I thought she would stick out with green and pink in this greyish day. 

I knew there were two possibilities:
1) Leave her loose and go to meet Mike. He would come home, and let her in (she always comes home alone after a while);
2) Wait for her to come back here.

Decision, decision... I came out to the road (very sleepy quiet road we live on)
 where she disappeared when a painter who has worked in a house opposite approached me. He told me with a strong accent that my dog ran very fast to that direction, as he pointed to the end of the road. I looked up into the direction. I can't see anything. He started telling me about his dog. He has a male whippet cross whom he obviously loves, and the dog, Max, was rescued from a street. While I was thinking what to do, out of blue, Topaz reappeared. She was running toward me at the fastest speed. I thought she would slip away, but alas, she stopped in front of me.

We set off to meet Mike finally. When we got the meeting place he was just walking toward it. We walked to the post office, and walked back together. Much nicer to walk with him. Topaz was also very happy to take a long walk. I was hoping that this walk will wear her toe nails. hahaha


I have been busy working on ceramics today. I took a day off from work. I made two small maquettes for a garden sculpture, and threw two bowls on the wheel, one semi-porcelain, and one white stoneware. I am regaining my creativity. It comes and goes, but it definitely goes when I spent too much time selling and promoting our works. I can't switch. My creativity remains high when I work my daytime work, which is 100% non-creative and very much business. Strange.


Pumpkin, the chicken who is also the senior member of the family, started laying late last month. It means.... SPRING! It's official. Whether it snows or frosts, she will continue laying until next November.

Pumpkin dust bathing in our vegetable plot.
She reins our family. She behaves like a queen, and treats us like servents, or worse, slaves!! 

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