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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My new pots from a kiln

Hello from sunny Canterbury! It is not very often to be able to say the words 'sunny' and 'Canterbury' in a sentence. But this year, we have just had loads of sunshine. We have been lucky!

We have collected our freshly fired ceramics from the kiln yesterday evening. As I wrote yesterday, I felt a great relief to see my busts were successfully fired. These two go to two competitions, so I will not be able to show them here yet.

The rabbit mug I showed you two weeks ago was fired. I decorated it with our own white glaze. Rabbit looks cute, and it is already on Etsy.

The figure I smashed when I got up from a swivel chair in my studio was rescued from a rubbish bin! She had stayed in a bin for five days, then I changed my mind, and decided to repair her. I had sent her to bisque firing again, and she looks OK.  Although I can't enter her into a competition which was my initial intention, I will finish her to the end. 
Before  smashing

Half decorated and half fired.

My semi-porcelain rabbit bowl looks cute, but some bits have fallen into it during firing. So I have to send it fpr re-firing. When we have no control over firing, and we use kilns in an art school, sadly this does happen. We are considering buying a small kiln, and powering it with our solar panels. This is still at an early stage, but we both are keen on it.

A bit fat? Can he jump?
Over the weekend I made friends via Etsy and Twitter. I found twitter fun especially because I work alone, so it is relaxing to look at other people's photos and read info at coffee breaks. I am naturally chatty so this might help, too!

Our dogs are having a great time under the Sun, too.
Topaz found a spot to rub against!
Whilst waiting for Topaz rubbing, Pearl looks for small animals!



  1. トパーズちゃん(笑)恍惚の表情ですね!


    1. 4月前は週日お休みの所が多かったのに見るところたくさんありました。お勧め!