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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Decorating figures, Rugy matches, and Mimi's agony

Hello everyone! Have you had a good day? I had a cheerful one again! I started decorating one of my two figures late morning, In the meantime, Mike was baking a cake for our parrots and walnut cookies for us. He then carried on preparing a lunch. Yes, he is wonderful. He is such a good husband. He even went to a super before that, I should add. I am not particularly passionate about any of these things. I only do when they have to be done.

Art Deco lady
Over Hawaiian Pizza lunch, we watched a rugby match, Scotland against Italy, but it wasn't very good. I stayed until we had desert and coffee, but went back to decorating until the next match which should be the best of today. 

I was using underglaze and oxide to decorate her. I need a good day light. I was wondering if I would have enough time to decorate her after the rugby. I pressed on for a while, and realised my eyes need a rest, so I went down to watch TV with Mike. It was a decider, Wales against France. Very physical match. I am usually very animated during rugby matches, although I am quiet and still for tennis or other sports. I constantly mimic BBC person, and crticise the strategy even though I don't grasp all rules! and sing songs at the end. If there is haka at the beggning I may even join! I like battles, and rugby is as close as modern sport can get. Mike seems to be able to block me out completely. He watches it very quietly. 

I was watching a stadium full of fans, and felt how powerful sports really are. People love sports so much. Then I remember Japanese old artist said on twitter that arts are stronger than money. I wondered if sports are stronger than arts? I am art person, so I tend to think arts are more powerful, but when I saw these fans, I felt sports are more powerful in general. What do you think?

After the match (Wales won Six Nations. Congratulations!), I returned to my 'studio' where Mochachino, my last finch, lives. I did as much as this ( see photo below). I also waxed hair and a part of face. The brown patch is wax. the colour of the lips and cloth look pink, but it should become red (I hope it won't be burnt out in the kiln!). I will finish details tomorrow in daylight Thankfully, Six Nations is over, so I can concentrate on ceramics tomorrow.

I wrote about Mimi, my old friend in Japan, at the caption of the photo of almond croissant, yesterday. She kept sending me messages on twitter. She said 'The almond croissant looks yummy!, I want one!','I saw the caption of the photo! I want one!!!' Hahaha. Mimi, I assure you that it is worth coming over from Japan to taste this organic Almond Croissant! I don't like sweets much, and I usually feel sick after eating a small portion. But I have eaten three, yes three almond croissants within 24 hours. Mike said, that's unheard of. Wanna try?

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