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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A bunny and an egg in one!

Hello everyone. I have tried to make business cards from my own photographs this evening. Sadly I am struggling. Etsy has an offer, and I like to use it, but I'm not sure what I am really doing!

So, I am going to do something what I am doing, blogging! Today I will show you my Humpty Dumpty Rabbit pot. This is something I experimented this summer. It was difficult to make, so I will not make it again unless there is a specific order from a customer. He had looked a bit spooky before I enameled his face, but once I decorated his nose, he suddenly became cute.
Humpty Dumpty Rabbit Box
He has three red feet
White glaze is food safe, so you can put candies, cookies or nuts in it. I like the idea. Although it wasn't intended, but actually he is perfect for Easter. A bunny and an egg in one!

Cute rabbit tail

I have been eating our aubergines alone. There are lots of them . Smaller ones are sweet. Some of bigger ones became bitter. I have eaten about 18 in two days.  I deep fried them and dipped them in Tempura sauce. yummy!
Aubergines from the garden