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Monday, 20 August 2012

New guys from kiln and the Great Chicken, Pumpkin

Hello, everyone.Big news. We had two days of summer heat! Friday was 29C and Saturday was 30C. Mike and I dug out our shorts in hurry to prepare for it. They said Sunday would be hot, too. But it was like 27C at max. and a half of the day was a bit cloudy. Ta-da! We finally had summer. English summer can be very short. If you miss it, you might not have it for some years.

I have been busy with my ceramics recently. Whether hot or cold, it doesn't matter to me too much. I spent several hours glazing in the garage on Friday. It was cool and nice. We had glaze firing from Saturday morning to early afternoon. We opened the kiln on Sunday morning. I am happy with the result. Here is a snap shot of the some of my DoGoo, the rest of moon rabbits and whippets.

Three rabbits in bunny suits and four whippets. 
 I also have to tell you this! On Saturday when it was really hot, we let Pumpkin, our bossy chicken, out from her pen. She loves coming out. She spent digging here and there. She is a great chicken, so she is forgiven for damaging our flowers (they will come back next year) or vegetables (oh well, just give the rest to her).  She is almost too great for like of us.

On this particular afternoon, she had spent lots of time under bushes. Mike got curious and peeked after she moved away. Look at this!

Pumpkin didn't forget her jungle fowl roots
 She flattened plants and made a nest. Then she laid a beautiful egg! We were so impressed. She had never done this before. Now she became an even greater chicken. She rules the roost.

Pumpkin, the great chicken 

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