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Thursday, 2 August 2012

New whippets with new beautiful glazes

Hello! Mike and I have been busier than usual. We work full-time, look after our animal family and the vegetable plot, doing ceramics and watch the Olympics. I start ceramics after dinner time, and continue until ten, sometimes up to midnight. I have made new things recently. It is exciting. These are two whippets came out from last firing. Both have new glazes. I love them.

The matt cream glaze below was the result of an accident. Soon after we came back from France, we found that the shelf holding glaze containers collapsed. Two glazes leaked, and made a terrible mess. We scooped up the mess and mixed them and made this one. It's not bad, is it?

My whippet - a knife rest size

I like the mottled glaze.
And this is slightly bigger than the one above. She is hollow. I hope you can see beautiful crackles. The glaze looks a bit crystallized appearance. It has a a hint of bluish green. Mike said it looks like onyx. I love it so much that I have already made a bigger version of a whippet to decorate with this glaze. 

Our new crackle glaze.

She looks nice from this angle.
Of course, the models for these whippets are our girls. But they seldom pose like this. Especially Pearl. She is only awake about an hour a day. You would see them more often like these.

Pearl - Gold medal in sleeping
Her favourite sleeping position.

Topaz is much more alert than Pearl.  But no dog can be less alert than Pearl.

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