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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The full moon rabbits fresh from the kiln!

Hello everyone. We had a hottish afternoon. Mike and I didn't want to do too much after work. This sluggish feeling is the evidence of real summer! We are finally having it.

Today, I will share the photos of my full moon rabbits fresh from the kiln. As I mentioned yesterday, I make rabbits on the full moon nights. The latest full moon was the third of August. So for three to four nights around that time, I was a bit possessed, and made rabbits as quickly as my hands could move. It was exhausting, but I feel it's worth concentrating. Some of them I made at that time were glaze fired.

My full moon rabbits.
This time, I have used different types of clay to see how the same white glaze looks. One of the clays fired to a cream colour, so the rabbits also have a hint of cream. The four on the right side are my new creation. I made one as a sample (the smallest one), and love it so much that I made more! The one behind them is another new creation of mine. It is a rabbit box and really wacky! lol Mike calls it 'Midori's Humpty Dumpty rabbit'! What an apt name, that is! I have decorated him with enamel this evening, I will fire it later in the week. I will show you how wacky it looks after enamel firing.

Ah, did you noitce that lone figure next to Humpty Dumpty rabbit? That's a little monster. Now and then, I get itchy fingers to make little monsters. Mike usually wants them, so they seldom appear in public. They lead very secretive lives on Mike's night table. Mike already wants him and his birthday is approaching ( next Wednesday!). But I might check the market with him. You never know people might like monsters, too!

I have listed the two largest rabbits today on my Etsy shop. I said 'largest' but they are all smaller than those rabbits I usually make. I created these small guys for overseas bunny lovers. My rabbits sell well in UK on eBay. But because of high postage for overseas, I seldom list them on Etsy.

They are desktop size. Like everything else I have made, all rabbits are different, so you will find your special one.      


  1. Moon Rabbits = SOOOOO wonderful! I am intrigued by the little monster. Will he make his way to your Etsy shop? ;)

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. I think so. I enamelled his eyes last night, and will fire him later in the week. Then he will debut! : )