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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Power cut, fox and new rabbit for sale on Etsy

Hello everyone. We had power cuts twice today. It was so inconvenient. When the first one hit, I was watching corporate webcast of a half year result. The screen went to black suddenly, and all sorts of house alarms started near by. Only thing working was my little old mobile. Nexus was working, but not WiFi. aghhh. I decided to walk dogs, and hoped power will be back by the time I came home. It didn't. I decorated more ceramic models with enamel, and prepared for listing my ceramics for Etsy, as I have lots to list. I also peeled sticky labels off cardboard boxes. There was still no power. It only came at 12:15. We had no power for about 90 minutes. Mike came back for lunch as usual, and we quickly grilled toasts and made coffee, then everything went to black again. AGHHHH. This time, we had no power 2.5 hours. I gave up and decided to read a comics that my friend sent me from Japan last week. It was very thick volume. I finished it, but there was still no power. It was half past three when it finally came back. Most of my working hours were gone.

Nonetheless I listed one of my rabbits this evening. Him! He is one of four in new tribe. I was making a traditional crouching rabbit, but my fingers moved as if they had their own will. Ta-da, the first of this tribe was born. Isn't it strange? But similar thing happened to me when I was making 'a rabbit in the bunny suit' in 'Born in the year of the rabbit' series.
He is a bit alert and curious. 

Hello, folks! 
I wanted to tell you this. Last night we were woken up by odd sounds. I knew what they were. It's a fox. I got up from the bed, lifted blind and peeked outside. The sound came from a green behind neighbors' houses. The fox was very loud. Our dogs became excited. It sounded like 'GEOW'. They were short sharp loud calls.  While I was watching the direction of the green, a large hairy fox appeared, looking back to the green, and made the call intermittently. It trotted, stopped, looked back and called. I wonder if it was looking for another fox, perhaps its cub or mate. Foxes are beautiful animals. They look alert and purposeful. After I saw it disappeared into a street, I went downstairs to calm down the dogs.

Both Topaz and Pearl were alerted. They barked and searched for 'it'. I told Topaz that the fox was quite big, and she would be scared if it approached her, so forget about it, and go to sleep. She was not very convinced, but went back to her bed. Pearl didn't know what to do. She went to both windows at the back and front of the house. She refused to go to sleep again, but I pushed her into her bed. I covered her with a blanket, but she didn't settle or even sit down. After some coaxing, she finally settled down. I thought about the fox when I went back to the bed. Mike moaned he had become fully awake. But somehow I quickly went to a dream land where these wild animals roam. Next time I noticed it was already morning.      

I wanted to chase it. I could have caught it, I could have eaten it......  

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