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Sunday, 26 August 2012

New monster, walk on a beach and harvest

Hello, everyone! How are you? We had a nice day today. Not hot, not cold. Just comfortable. First, I will share the photo of my new monster. He was finally completed yesterday.

My new trickster monster
He hasn't got a name yet. Oh, he has a little cute tail at the back. I call him a monster, but he is not a fierce one, as you can see. He is a funny one. He is likely to do tricks on you when you are walking alone in the woods. He is good at camouflaging despite the red nose! Even the red nose is turned into a red berry when he wants to.

Mike wanted to adopt him, but I think he will hit on Etsy soon. Lately I have kept listing my ceramics on Etsy. I hope I would be able to raise some of the fee for the postgraduate course I will start in autumn. So my little guys have to find their new homes, where they would be loved and looked after, and in turn they will brighten their new family's days!      

Late morning, we took our dogs to Seasalter, a beach next to Whitstable. There our girls could be let free even at the height of the summer. We keep them on leads when we see people enjoying picnic, as Topaz has a criminal record of stealing food!  But nobody was eating yet when we went.

Left - not many people

Right -none!
I like to pick pretty stones on beaches. Sometimes I find fossils here. But today, I found this. Aghh, a bit creepy! There are tens of little holes in it. What were in it?

Tide was very low. So sand had nice patters of waves. This beach is very shallow. We often see people collecting shellfish. We had a good walk there in ozone.
Waves left patterns on sand
After lunch with yesterday's delicious bread that Mike froze to keep fresh, we did some harvesting. We have a hazel nut tree and local squirrels were having bonanza with it. So before all nuts are taken and buried in neighbors gardens, we decided to collect them, too. They are a bit too early, but we have no choice.

Our hazel nuts
Mike climbed up on the ladder, and I was telling him 'It's there!' or 'Lots are on over your head!'. Harvesting is always fun!

Our raspberries are having the second flush of fruits. They aren't as many as in the main season. But it's nice to have some later in season.  
A few raspberries from the garden. 
 Late afternoon, Mike made scones. We had English tea. I became full with scones, whipped cream and black currant jam Mike made ( He forgot about it being on a hob yesterday and went to shopping! It became dry, but didn't get burnt, just!)  So, I skipped dinner this evening. It is still before ten, but I am getting sleepy already, as we have done so much. Good night, everyone. Have a nice dream.  

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