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Friday, 31 August 2012

What I saw on the trips to post office and my find at a dump

Hello everyone. How are you today? Today was an unusually active day for me. I walked to post office twice and went to collect an old table at a dump. I usually take my loyal companion, Topaz, to the post office, but alas she injured her foot on the beach last weekend, and made it worse yesterday during a mad chase of a cat. Don't worry the cat was unscathed and climbed up to a low wall. But our dogs cut their legs and feet. Pearl has more cuts because she has no undercoat to protect her. This is one of few things of bad points of having Whippets; they are prone to cuts.

So back to the post office, a lovely lurcher lover purchased one of my whippet knife rests. I was really thrilled to read her note with order confirmation that she lives with three lurchers. I adore all sighthounds. It was love at first sight. I had never seen such beautiful domestic animals before.

I packed the whippet carefully and took it to the post office. Since I have no dog with me (that's very unusual!), I took a camera instead. I usually walk through the Beverly green.

The view of the Cathedral from the Beverly Green
The Cathedral is in view from most of Canterbury. Today it looked nicer than usual against blue sky and puffy cloud.
A new little meadow near the foot path
The city council made a small  narrow meadow this year. What a good idea! I sometimes bring Pearl here for a run. She loves running and sniffing around. There are usually a few dogs, but not many. Today, I was greeted by two French bull terriers. They are small but very chubby just like human babies. They ran toward me as if they found an old friend and looked at my face. When I said 'hello' to them, the owner called them back. Ah, shame! They looked so funny and delightful! I wouldn't mind watching them a bit longer.

There was a disused railway under the trees. The oldest railway in the world. 
Our post office is close to this old hospital built in 1570. It is amazing so many old buildings still exist in Canterbury.

Built in 1570. It has a plaque saying hospital
After I sent the packet at post office, I decided to go home slowly to enjoy sunshine and rare free time alone. Then suddenly I noticed a pretty window box. It's so chic and well-maintained. I couldn't help wondering who lives in this Victorian house.

A chic window box. 
Back home, while I was sending a posting confirmation, I realized another item was sold just now. My ceramics don't sell like pancakes. Far from it! But once in a while, two or three pieces sell almost within a day. It's a mystery. So I started preparing for packing the little lamb. You see, each item I sell is different shape and size, so it is tricky to find the most suitable box. Soon Mike came home for lunch, and told me that we were going to collect the table I found in his work place last weekend. Yeah! It has a wood top with steel legs. It is very steady. According to the caretaker, it has been in a dump place for longer than four weeks. we were given a permission to take it. It would be suitable for our clay work. We can knead the clay on it too.
My find  
Our small Yaris is mighty. We carried this table (120cm long) in it. 

After returning home, I went back to packing the lamb; this is going to travel over the big pond. I packed him in segments. It might be frustrating for the new owner to remove my packaging. (sorry in advance, if you are reading this) Off to the post office again. It seemed much quicker this time. Once I posted it, I felt so good. 

And there was even a better news on the way back. There is an old gentleman whose wife passed away a couple of months ago, in our neighborhood. He had behaved a bit odd since then. I was a bit worried about him, but I was not close enough to say anything. I even don't know his name. We used to greet each other when I walked past in front of his house, with my dogs. Today, he was at his front door, as he used to do before the death of his wife. So I waved the hand to him. He waved me back with a smile, and asked  'How are you?' in a warm deep voice. What a relief! I hope he is recovering from the loss. He is a big healthy looking man. I hope he will find the joy of the life again.          


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