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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Commissioned work and a birthday present for Mimi

Hello, everyone! Today I made a prototype for commissioned works, a pair of small delicate detailed pieces. I love to work for commissioned works because it gives me challenges. I always learn something I didn't know by making something new. It is also thrilling to create something I have never made, or even better, something which doesn't exist in the world yet.

The process is quite long. I gather technical data such as the shrinkage of clay, the suitability of glaze to particular clay, glaze tests. Then I will sketch. Once I am happy with basic design, I will make a prototype. This prototype goes through every process to the end., that is, bisque-firing, decorating, glaze-firing, enamelling, enamel-firing, and assembling if required. I will watch the prototype very carefully at each stage to search for any possible flaws. Then if it goes well, it means technical side is fine. I will show the finished prototype to a client. If she is happy with it, I will make final pieces. If not, I will go back to a design process to adjust design. When a client is happy with it, I will make final pieces, and will go through whole process again. It would take about five to eight weeks to finish. I hope this one goes well. Once the pieces are delivered in late September, I will show you the photo of them.

Yesterday was Mimi's, my friend in Japan, birthday. I asked another friend and her if they want a mascot from the Olympics before we went to see wrestling.  Mimi wanted Wenlock. So, I bought him and posted him next day so that she could receive the packet before her birthday.

Wenlock with two gold medals that I made from royal mail 1st class stamp sheet! : )
Did you notice something on Wenlock? Yes, he has got two gold medals!! I made them. Mike and I went to see female wrestling, in which two Japanese won golds. All Japanese were elated on that day. Mimi twittered that she spotted us on TV from Japan. So That's why Wenlock won two gold medals. It's our memory of the day. I also included an Olympic ticket for wrestling and a special Olympic London travel card to share our excitement with her.

She went to Hakone, a famous hot spring, on her birthday. She said she was too excited in a swimming pool, and cracked her toe! Poor Mimi. I hope Wenlock comforts her a bit. By the way, my other friend decliend my offer to send her a mascot. She said 'They look spooky!'. Umm, I understand. But if she saw the cute bottom of Wenlock, she might have changed her mind. He has a pointed pyramid shaped bottom. Uh? I could almost hear someone saying,' It's spooky!'.    

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