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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Short report on our experience in the Olympic Park

Hello, everyone. Mike and I went to see synchronized swimming yesterday. It is our first Olympics to visit, so we were naturally excited. Before getting into the Olympic park, we went to Westfield, a large shopping centre next to the Olympic park. There were off-duty soldiers in uniform, athletes in their countries' uniforms as well as lots of visitors. I was excited to see athletes and officials in their uniforms at first, but there were so many of them, I became used to their existence quickly.
 After cakes and espresso with Wifi (I sent several messages to Japan) , we headed for the Olympic park. Before too long, we got lost. Mike said I got lost, and I said he got lost. I even didn't know he was not with me for some time. I looked back to ask which way we should take, there were hundreds of strangers, instead of Mike! ??? I rang him. We could hardly hear each other because of the noise. After reunion, the first thing he said was that my mobile was not on, so he could not ring me. Hahaha, sorry.

We were reunited at the foot of this tower. 
We thought the tower was ugly when we sat it on TV. But when we saw it in person, it overpowered us by its size. It is huge. But, it is still not pretty.

We pretended to be Olympians. Bolt

Are you cyclist, Mike?

We loved the English meadows. There were lots of flowers.

After looking at a shop, we headed for Aquatics Centre. Look at the cloud. Dramatic!
This is Aquatics Centre that Balfour Beatty built. 

It started at 15:00 ( There was competitors being photographed in front of five rings)

Competitors were warming up.
  We got in early. Inside was humid and warm, so we went out to the balcony for breeze.
A view of the Tower and the Stadium from Aquatic centre 

A view of the bridge and the stadium from Aquatic centre
 When we came back, the centre was filled with people. I spotted Japanese supporters. I was a bit jealous of them. They had good seats close to the pool.
Japanese supporters. 
 Because ours were in the 30th row. But we could seem them much better than we had imagined. I was glad we didn't take our binoculars with us!
Our seats were in the 30th row. Surprisingly we could see well. 
 When British pair appeared people roared. It was deafening. It is so nice to be a home team. I applauded my Japanese pair, of course. They did very well, and were ranked at 5th.
British pair taken by  Mike


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