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Monday, 13 August 2012

The full moon rabbits

Hello, everyone. The Olympics is over. We felt a bit sad, but I had lots to catch up with. Mike also went back to his office after one week off. During the Game, I have made lots of rabbits and more.

Mike took the beautiful moon on the third of August, 
On the full moon nights, I make rabbits. I started doing this a couple of years ago. We say, in Japan, sacred rabbits live on the moon and make rice cakes. On the surface of the moon, you can see a rabbit is lifting a large wooden pestle, In front of him, there is a large wooden mortar. The full moon gives me extra power to create rabbits. It is like a little ritual, or even custom. When I see the full moon, I always think of the rabbits. The image of the rabbit was so embedded in me. ( So, imagine my surprise when Mike said that the moon was made of cheese, not just cheese, Swiss cheese! ) I treasure these little rituals. The little bit of special feeling, that makes difference.

Some of my new rabbits using new crank clay
I also made a bigger whippet. She is too big for a knife rest, but I just wanted to make. The model is Topaz. I had to order her to remain in the position. Topaz is more skinny than the one I made. The head model is Pearl, but she is so lazy that she wouldn't remain in 'Down' position for even some seconds.
Topaz obeys to commands. She is a clever girl.
  When Pearl rests, she usually rests like this!

Pearl likes informal positions.


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