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Saturday, 8 December 2012

A boxful (almost) of whippets

Hello everyone. It was a sunny day in Canterbury today. Mike has enjoyed walking dogs in bright sunshine. I had spent five hours glazing in the very dry and hot studio without a break. I should have had a break after a couple of hours. I lost efficiency and productivity near to the end. It's a lesson for the next time. 

I brought back a litter of whippets from the studio! How delightful to see them having survived the firing! They look so cute in a box, too. I made each from a scratch  so every one is different. They show different characters, too. This time, I also made a pup with a chubby face, of course chubby for a whippet, that is.
A box of whippets

Pick me, pick me!

I have listed this beauty for sighthound lovers on my Etsy today. I will list the rest tomorrow.

My Etsy shop
I also brought back 'Waiting for a bang'. I really like it. I expressed Topaz's fear of fireworks in this figure. I have used a different approach to colours and techniques. I will take a photo and share it with you tomorrow. 

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