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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The last rabbit went to the good home of Mouseblossom.

Hello everyone. I have had a relaxing day today. One of the nice things of working for myself is that when there is no need to work, I can take time off instantly.

The last rabbit of the litter of four went to a lovely friendly lady in the Netherlands.  He has arrived safely today. Although I pack my critters very well, I tend to get worried until I hear that they have traveled safely because of the fragility of ceramics and distance they travel. So I record every order in my calendar and start worrying if I don't hear any news after expected delivery dates. It might sound a bit neurotic, perhaps. But my work is unique and there is no replacement. I don't want my lovely customers to be disappointed. I want them to be happy. I imagine all artists and craft people feel more or less similar. So far, there were no accidents. Touch wood!

The last rabbit of a litter of four.
Yvonne, the Dutch lady is a graphic designer with an urbane chic taste, which I admire. Her brand name is Mouseblossom. She has a cool shop on Etsy. Her handmade 'Kitteh' earrings are hit products there. (They are kitten face shaped earrings) She also has a trendy blog, which I regularly peek.

I am thinking to make another litter of these rabbits over the holidays. I love them. They have got such character!  Actually I start giggling as soon as I make their faces. They seem to start talking to me, 'Why are you giggling? Where is my carrot? '


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