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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Two rabbits went to a new home

Hello everyone. How was your day? I got out of bed from the right side this morning. Mike woke me up with a delightful news that a lady purchased two of my rabbits. What a nice way to start a Saturday! I packed them very well, and posted them on the way to the studio.

'A baby in a bunny suit'

Today In the studio, I finished glazing I had started a week ago. All whippets are ready for firing. So is the rabbit mask. I ran a glaze test for it, and I just hope it looks as good as the test. (You never know with glazes!)

Ready for a kiln

We are ready, too.

After making ' Double act' I made another body with slabs. A funny thing is that when I use slabs, I like to make flatter faces. I am easily affected, I guess. This is the antelope figure with a flat face. I hope I could send him to this year's last reduction-firing on Thursday. It is touch and go.

Antelope with a flat face
I also started glazing the antelope mask. it was 90% done.

This is the one I promised to show you last night. I used a flash, so it looks a bit spooky, but I promise it is even more spooky than it looks here. I keep a  plastic bag over it so that it would dry evenly. When I removed the bag to check how it was drying, I let out a little scream.

Bald angel

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